Unraveling the NFL Wonderlic Test: Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Unraveling the NFL Wonderlic Test: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction: The NFL Wonderlic Test has been a critical part of the player evaluation process for decades. This cognitive ability test measures a player's problem-solving skills and is designed to assess their capacity for learning and adapting to complex situations. In this comprehensive article, we'll dive deep into the world of the NFL Wonderlic Test, discussing average scores by position, notable player scores, sample questions, and more. Let's get started!

Position Averages: Which NFL Positions Score the Best?

When examining the Wonderlic Test, it's interesting to note that different positions tend to yield varying average scores. Generally speaking, offensive positions, such as quarterbacks and offensive linemen, tend to perform better on the test compared to their defensive counterparts. This is likely due to the intricate playbooks and strategic thinking required for these positions.

  • Quarterbacks: 24
  • Offensive linemen: 23
  • Linebackers: 19
  • Defensive backs: 18

A List of Notable NFL Players and Their Wonderlic Scores

  1. Pat McInally (Punter): 50
  2. Mike Mamula (Defensive End): 49
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Quarterback): 48
  4. Greg McElroy (Quarterback): 43
  5. Calvin Johnson (Wide Receiver): 41
  6. Tom Brady (Quarterback): 33
  7. Peyton Manning (Quarterback): 28
  8. John Elway (Quarterback): 29
  9. Eli Manning (Quarterback): 39
  10. Andrew Luck (Quarterback): 37
  11. Donovan McNabb (Quarterback): 14
  12. Terrelle Pryor (Quarterback/Wide Receiver): 7
  13. Frank Gore (Running Back): 6
  14. Darren Sproles (Running Back): 16
  15. J.J. Watt (Defensive End): 31

It's important to note that while a high score on the Wonderlic Test is impressive, it doesn't guarantee success on the field. Conversely, a lower score doesn't necessarily mean a player will perform poorly in the NFL.

Sample Questions from the NFL Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Test consists of 50 questions, and test-takers have 12 minutes to complete it. The questions cover a wide range of topics, including math, vocabulary, and reasoning. Here are a few sample questions to give you an idea of what to expect:

  1. A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 second. At this same speed, how many feet will it travel in 3 seconds?
  2. Which of the following is least like the others? a) Poem b) Novel c) Painting d) Statue e) Flower
  3. In the following set of words, which word is different from the others? a) Copper b) Iron c) Brass d) Gold e) Lead

Additional Resources and Information

If you're interested in learning more about the NFL Wonderlic Test and cognitive ability tests in general, check out these resources:

  • Wonderlic, Inc. - The official website of the test creator, offering valuable information about the Wonderlic Test, its history, and its applications.
  • NFL Combine - Learn more about the NFL Combine, where the Wonderlic Test is administered to prospective players.
  • Wikipedia - Wonderlic Test - Offers an extensive overview of the test's history, format, and usage in the NFL and other industries.


The NFL Wonderlic Test serves as a fascinating aspect of the player evaluation process, helping to gauge a prospect's cognitive abilities and potential to learn and adapt in high-pressure situations. With this comprehensive guide, you now have a better understanding of the test, its significance, and the various components that make it an integral part of the NFL scouting process. As you follow your favorite team and players, keep the Wonderlic Test in mind as just one of the many factors that contribute to a player's overall success in the league.